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Living an Awakened Life:
An interview with Patrick Ryan, author of Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance

We are very excited to be the first stop of the virtual blog tour for Patrick Ryan’s upcoming book, Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance, to be launched on April 20th.
Following is a special interview with Patrick, whom I am grateful to for taking the time to indulge in our questions.
Marion: What does it mean to live an awakened life?
Patrick: Living an awakened life can look very different for each person. In its simplest form it asks us to be discerning in the choices we make and responsible for the impact of those choices. This starts from what food we choose to put into our bodies and goes right on through to bigger decisions that affect our relationships and careers.
Let’s break it down some. We have three important considerations to put attention to if we are to live an awakened life. They are the state of our heart, which includes emotions and relationships, our mind, which includes what we put our attention on including our thoughts and words, and our body, which includes taking care of our body as well as the physical things that we create in our lives such as our home.
We are making choices in every moment related to these three aspects of our being. We must be very aware of what it is we are choosing. So much of what we do is through habit. Habits become areas of unconsciousness because we stop thinking and we just do our habit.
One good practice is to notice your habits, even the one’s that seem so basic, and to ask your Self, “What other choice do you have other than the habitual one?” You might be surprised at how much your life can change from changing a few basic habits. That would be a good step forward in living an awakened life.
Marion: What is your personal story? How did you end up as a Buddhist monk in Burma?
Patrick: Before I became a Buddhist monk in Burma, I had never thought about Burma, I had never seen or been around any monk, and I certainly had no idea that I was embarking on such a path. The full story is in my first book, The Eagles’s Call. Here is the short version.
I had a very successful business as a real estate broker. It was the kind of business that most realtors dream of and very few ever achieve. I have been an entrepreneur all my life and creating small business’s to me is second nature.
One day I woke up and realized that I wanted to go off on a great adventure. I decided to put myself 100% into that adventure and so I gave away almost everything I owned and bought a one-way ticket to south-east Asia. I made a promise to my Self and to the Universe that I would follow the bouncing ball of intuition, guidance, and the direction of the wind.
That eventually led me to a monastery in Burma where I arrived unannounced. I expected to stay for a few days and then move on but as soon as I arrived, this magical series of events started happening that resulted in me becoming a Buddhist monk and then going off on a profound journey of discovery that was most unusual even by the standards of monks.
Though I thought that the entire trip would likely only last about six weeks I was on the road for eighteen months at that time. That took me through Burma, Nepal and India. During that time I received initiations and other blessings that continue to reveal themselves to me to this very day.
Marion: In your book you suggest that there are eight states of an awakened life. Could you briefly describe them?
Patrick: Sure. In brief, here they are.
A Good State of Intention – This is the causal level of what we are creating in our lives. We are in this amazing dance with the Universe and each of us is such a powerful creator of our life and the world we are in. Most of us are unconscious about what we are really asking for and creating.
A Good State of Words – This is the power that our words have on what happens on our life. Every word we speak is like a spell of creation. Every word goes out, is heard, and the world responds according to our speaking.
A Good State of Being – In a Good State of Being we must consider the state of all our relationships. That begins with our relationship to our Self, our loved ones, our careers and on and on. We created the quality of all or these relationships and we must be responsible to them.
A Good State of Purpose – Now we are considering the purpose that we are living into during this life. Imagine that every one of us is playing a part in what is going on every day on this planet. We each have a part to play and it helps to know more about that and the impact that we are having.
A Good State of Effort – Each day we go around doing things. In this state we consider the quality of the experience that we are creating and the amount of effort that we are putting in. This is the balance between trying too hard or not hard enough.
A Good State of Practice – We all benefit from having good practices in our life that take care of our mind, body, heart, and associated things. We are well advised to create practices that provide for our well being and care.
A Good State of Doing – As humans we got to go out a do a lot of stuff. The quality of the experience while we do what we do and the act of choosing well with regards to the actions that we take is important to consider.
A Good State of Understanding – Here we take a look at what are the operating principles of the Universe that we all live in. Everybody would benefit from taking a look at what their beliefs and experience are regarding these principles.
In the book Awakened Wisdom: A guide to reclaiming Your Brilliance, I go through all eight of these states and share a lot of ideas about what I have found to be so.
Marion: Why is your new book so important right now?
Patrick: This is a very interesting time on the planet. As things change with the rapid pace that they are, we all have to be clear about how to navigate forward in a good way. This book will show people some very important ways to navigate according to your own wisdom. We have got to stop following the crowd and think and feel things through according to our own wisdom rather than what the media would have us do.
Marion: Your website is http://www.AwakenedWisdom.com What will we find there? Why would I want to go to it?
Patrick: Awakened Wisdom Experiences is a growing repository of collected ideas and wisdom from a variety of sources. I am going to keep it current and vibrant and I would like it to be source of great ideas and suggestions for you so that you can learn more about living your own great awakened life.
Check out my latest book, Awakened Wisdom: A guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance. http://ow.ly/1kB3m I am sure that you will find it to be a great resource that will support you in living your life to the fullest extent possible.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to share these ideas.

Patrick, It’s a pleasure to have you blogging with us. Thanks for sharing!

Patrick’s Blog tour continues tomorrow with Schall Adams at http://www.mygirlfriendmentors.com/blog There, Patrick will share how to use the Eight States of Awakened Life to move from a distorted way of being, into a state of “Divine Essence”.

How can you create a life well-lived? Get Patrick’s new book on April 20th and find out. To receive updates in regards to the official Amazon book launch on April 20th, please visit http://ow.ly/1kB3m


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