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On Valentine’s Day, Let’s all join in prayer, meditation, tapping or any form of healing you practice for Haiti and the rest of the Planet at 5pm est ! We are so powerful when we collectively set our intentions to heal.
Not only is it a Valentine’s Day in the West, it is also the Lunar New Year Day in the East, and the beginning of a new 500 year cycle “Pachacuti” in the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec tradition.

Wherever you are, on this special day, send your LOVE, BLESSINGS and POSITIVE GOOD THOUGHTS to everyone, You may visualize the persons and the Earth with LOVE and LIGHT.
Let’s Shift the planet together. This is the power of love & social networking!
Marion Ross Ph.D and Tracy Latz M.D.


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Here is a great example of how the brain reinvents itself and how it can be  trained. We hope that it serves to reinforce the message that we are the creators in our lives, when we choose our path and focus our resources.

This can give you some insight as to why the EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation, and other mind body medicine techniques work to create new pathways of neural connections.

Our brain invents and reinvents itself throughout our lives.

Marion Ross PhD & Tracy Latz M.D.

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Once again from Gary Craig’s newsletter some
great Tips to improve your EFT. I use several of these in my practice already and find them useful.
Happy tapping!

By Dr. Carol Look, EFT Master

Hi All,

I have compiled a list of my favorite tapping tips that have had a dramatic influence on my work and results with clients. Use any that work for you, but I highly recommend trying them all before you dismiss them, especially the ultra simple ones.

1. Opposite Hand Tapping: When tapping on yourself, use your non-dominant hand for a full day, then switch back to your dominant hand, and back again the next day. You could also alternate from round to round of EFT. In my personal opinion, alternating in this way is very helpful because it allows you to more fully integrate the emotional material that you are working on. Of course, we usually favor one side, tending to be right-handed or left-handed, so making use of the “other” hand while tapping through emotional conflicts helps to more fully neutralize the issues. (For those of you who do telephone sessions as either client or practitioner, switch the phone from side to side regularly as well, so alternating ears are “hearing.”)

Here is another variation…Cross Over Tapping:Cross your hands over each other when you tap—so your right hand is tapping on your left side of your face and body, and your left hand is tapping on the right…at the same time. Also, consider tapping while in different positions. Aren’t you always sitting down while tapping? Try standing up when usingEFT, try lying down, tap while you are rolled over on your side. Notice if any new material surfaces. Our bodies are brilliant, and have stored so much information for us.

2. Argument Tapping: I love using this process with clients in a group setting, because most people find it surprising and amusing and seem to get something of value out of it. When you are tapping, voice both sides of an argument with another person around an issue of self-esteem or conflict about yourself. For instance, let’s say your mother or father said you “wouldn’t amount to anything”…(or that “people like you can’t get wealthy”…or that “people like you are never satisfied”…etc) Take both sides and argue the points while you tap, alternating the sides with each consecutive point. For instance, start with the karate chop point, and say, Even though he said I was no good and wouldn’t amount to anything, I choose to accept myself now anyway… Then move to the regular sequence of points and tap as if you are arguing with another person as follows:

a. Eyebrow: You won’t amount to anything…
b. Side of Eye: Yes, I will…
c. Under Eye: No you won’t…
d. Under Nose: Yes I will…
e. Chin: Don’t be ridiculous…
f. Collarbone: I’m smart enough…
g. Under Arm: Who are you kidding?
h. Top of Head: I know I can do it…
Be sure to follow how the argument is “looping” in your memory, and vigorously argue both sides. This will help chop down a lot of “trees in your forest.” Proceed with other similar arguments. TheArgument Tapping technique is wonderful for the brain, for the emotional release, and I expect that the absurdity of it all will surface for many of you and feel quite relieving.

This is also useful for getting the tail-enders into your tapping. The next variation of Argument Tapping is to argue with yourself while tapping. When you are tapping and saying something positive, for instance, I know I have what it takes to be successful…you might ‘hear” a tail-ender that says “No I don’t!” Use whatever tail-enders that come up for you in your current round of EFT. So again, you are arguing, but this time with yourself…it would sound like this:

a. Eyebrow: I have what it takes to be successful…
b. Side of Eye:No I don’t…
c. Under Eye: I am smart enough to figure this out…
d. Under Nose:No I’m not!
e. Chin: Yes I am!
f. Collarbone:No I’m not…
g. Under Arm: I accept my feelings…
h. Top of Head:I appreciate who I am…
3. Refusal Tapping: When you are using EFT, do one full round of Refusal Tapping to get over the issue you have selected. We have all been told what to do, controlled on a regular basis, influenced by others and manipulated all our lives, and when trying to change, it is very natural to experience an enormous amount of emotional resistance. Part of us believes the change is threatening to our survival. Try giving this part of you a voice for a change, and feel the relief of saying No! Don’t be surprised when this technique speeds up the change you were intending. (I highly recommend using this Refusal Tapping technique is very helpful with chronic illnesses.) Your round from the eyebrow point to the top of the head would proceed as follows:

a. Eyebrow: I refuse to give this up…
b. Side of Eye:Don’t even try to make me…
c. Under Eye: I am so happy I don’t have to get rid of this…
d. Under Nose: I refuse to change…
e. Chin: You can’t make me…
f. Collarbone:Ha ha, I’m keeping this problem…
g. Under the Arm:You can’t make me get over this…
4. Look in the Mirror: While tapping several rounds in a row, look into the mirror. This will help you in several areas.

(a) This extra boost will encourage you to absorb the positive affirmation of the setup statement more fully(I deeply and completely love and accept myself).

(b) It will help you when you need to use visualization instead of regular tapping if you are in a public place and don’t feel free to tap on your face and body. You will now have a picture and corresponding memory of what you look like when you tap.

(c) This technique will allow you to see the subtle changes that occur in muscle tone, color and energy in your face and body as you tap. Definitely make use of these clues.

5. Singing Affirmations (while you tap): You may either sing the entire round from negative to positive, or just use singing on the second round when you are “installing” the positive statements. As usual, I do the first round focusing on the “problem” and often switch during a second round (before doing setup phrases again) to more positive statements (such as Pat Carrington’s CHOICES), goals, and intentions. So during this second round, sing your affirmations instead of speaking them. This helps activate the right brain (which is why we use humming in the 9-gamut procedure) and any time we are doing something to promote balance between our two hemispheres of the brain, we are moving towards emotional and physical health.

6. Thank You Tapping: Do at least 3 rounds in a row while tapping on your “Thank You List.” See below:

a. Eyebrow:Thank you God (Spirit, Universe, Higher Power, Source, Universal Intelligence) for such an abundance of loving friends in my life.
b. Side of Eye:Thank you God for bringing me the perfect clients for my business.
c. Under the Eye:Thank you God for resolving that disagreement so quickly.
d. Under the Nose:Thank you God for bringing that wonderful miracle through me to my client who was in pain.
e. Chin: Thank you God for my vibrant health and energy.
f. Collarbone:Thank you God for all the blessings I have in my life today.
g. Under Arm:Thank you God for bringing me such peace in my life.
h. Top of the Head:Thank you God for continued guidance and clarity on my path.
7. Guest Tapping: When you are tapping at home alone, wouldn’t you like some extra help? Choose your favorite EFT practitioner, someone you want to give a test run, or Gary Craig, and pretend he or she is tapping for and with you. Picture it, feel it, hear their voice (you might have this in your head from a class or some of the videos). This will help those of you who don’t think you’re good enough at tapping (even though you are…) and opens up your treatment options tremendously. Allow your intuition to choose someone. And don’t be surprised when the “guest tapper” comes up with profoundly brilliant ideas!

8. Photo Tapping: Take out old family photos and identify feelings, themes, incidents and thoughts that were going on when the pictures were taken. You might even take out your high school year book (since High School seems to be so fraught with conflicted feelings for many people…) and tap a few rounds while you are looking at yourself. You may be shocked at how effective this is for bringing up emotions you thought had been “handled.” Here are some options:

a. Look at yourself in the selected photo objectively, and use words as if you are treating someone else… Even though he was feeling so vulnerable back then, he has a good heart and meant well…Even though he was so scared back then, he’s a great person and has really matured.
b. Use the first person singular… Even though I was miserable during this time because of that incident, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…Even though I was feeling so sad because of the rejection…Even though I was confused…Even though I didn’t realize I was such a geek… J
c. Do the same for family members when you see them in the photos: Even though he was angry and said that hurtful thing to me…I deeply and completely love and accept myself…Even though he was drunk in that photo and I remember the fight we had, I choose to release the pain of it now and accept both of us.
9. Past Tense Tapping: After you have completed 2-3 rounds on whatever issue you have chosen, do a final round in the past tense, feeling what it would feel like if you had completely gotten over the problem (even if you haven’t yet). Communicating to yourself this way is very effective. Really FEEL the relief you feel now that it is over!! This is critical.

a. Eyebrow: I am so grateful I got over this problem…
b. Side of Eye:I’m so relieved this is over…
c. Under Eye: I am so happy I am free of this conflict…
d. Under Nose:It’s about time I got over that!
e. Chin:Finally, it is in my past where it belongs…
f. Collarbone:At last, relief and peace on this issue…
g. Under Arm: I so appreciate all the progress I have made…
h. Top of Head:Finally, I feel peace from that problem.
10. “You” Tapping: While tapping on one of your own issues, use the “second person singular” over and over again. For example, setup statements at the karate chop point would be: Even though you made a mistake, you were trying to do it right and are allowed not to be perfect…Even though you didn’t mean to hurt her, consider accepting all of you and your feelings…Even though you don’t want to forgive yourself, try accepting your feelings anyway. Then tap the sequence of points using “you” as the subject:

a. Eyebrow: You made a mistake…
b. Side of Eye:So what?
c. Under Eye:You meant well…
d. Under the Nose:You are human…
e. Chin: You don’t need to be perfect…
f. Collarbone:You are lovable anyway…
g. Under Arm:You are such a good person…
h. Top of head:You are totally lovable and worthy anyway.
And, FINALLY, a BONUS Tapping Tip…

Much gratitude to all my clients who have taught me how to be a more effective tapper.

11. Kiss and Tap: Kiss someone you love on all the face points and say I love you. Great for kids! Great for lovers! Also, kiss yourself on the 5 finger points of both hands, the karate chop point on both sides, the gamut spot, and any other spots you can reach. Do this very tenderly.

Carol Look

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I found this article in Gary Craig’s newsletter today and it shows a great new application for EFT!
Hi Everyone,

I get a fair amount of gas from conventional scientists when I report EFT’s apparent results on inanimate objects (e.g. cars start, toilets become unplugged, stubborn computers reboot properly, etc). They tend to dismiss these reports as silliness because they aren’t readily explainable in conventional scientific terms. However, this article should be of particular interest to such skeptics because it is written by a scientist, i.e. Laurence Manning, a retired professor of engineering at Stanford University. Read it and decide whether or not EFT helped this persistent computer problem.

Hugs, Gary

By Laurence Manning

Dear Gary,

As you say, “Try it on Everything”. I did and the results were so amazing that I want to pass them on to you! I am an 85 year old retired Stanford Electrical Engineering professor. Among other things, I have taught classes on computer architecture. I taught about CPUs and memory and the like, all very physical.

However a couple of years ago I gave my wife a new computer for Christmas. It worked fine for quite a while, but within a few months it had developed the habit of turning itself off spontaneously. When the computer was first turned on in the morning, it would turn itself off maybe 7 or 8 times before settling down. I encouraged her to call the manufacturer’s help line and finally several months later, she did.

The person who answered the phone was located in India, and was very pleasant. Since the computer had settled down in an ON mode, he was able to trouble shoot for 30 minutes, and said that the computer was in perfect condition. Yes, except the problem was unaffected. A few days later my wife called back, and got a different technician. This one said to back up all data files, and to reformat the hard disk. We didn’t take on this formidable task. However, I had recently studied EFT, and decided there was nothing to lose by trying to do a surrogate tapping on the computer.

So I got comfortable about two bedrooms away from the computer, and proceeded to do a few rounds of mechanical EFT. I used a setup phrase like:

Even though my wife’s computer has been turning itself off, we deeply and completely accept it but choose that the computer stay on unless turned off by a human being.

For a reminder phrase I used:

Computer turns self off

I used the 9 gamut followed again by the setup, and repeated this procedure a number of times. The result was that for the next 8 days the computer didn’t turn itself off even once! After 8 days, though it did turn off spontaneously, though only a few times per day. For three days this relapse continued. So I gave EFT another shot at the computer and it responded by functioning normally for another 7 days. It then turned off once and I followed up with EFT right away. This resulted in proper operation of the computer for 3 months. It then went bad after an hour. My final application of EFT has been followed by correct operation to date (34 days and counting)..

So why did EFT work? I don’t suppose that the computer has acupuncture points or meridians. It seems more likely that it was a matter of intention, similarly to William Tiller’s spoon bending demonstration. If so maybe the procedure could be described as intention directed by the affirmations, and focused and intensified by the tapping.



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Click on the link to view this cool Three Thumps Video!

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We are having an intensive  12 keys to shift  weekend seminar in NYC this weekend February 21 and 22.

Check out our website for details : http://www.12keystoshift.com

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