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Creating Discipline for Sport Performance
Whether you are a serious athlete or a weekend warrior these tips are helpful to increase focus and help you perform to the best of your capabilities.

Create discipline through centering:

1. Four rounds of Rhythmic breathing can help both lower your blood pressure and bring you to a state of calm before you begin play or whenever you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed during the game.
Think of your breathing pattern as if it were a box or square drawn on a piece of paper with the breathing in being the left upward drawn line, holding your in-breath as the line on the top of the square from left to right, breathing out as the line going downward on the right side, and then the holding of the out-breath being the line from right to left on the bottom side of the square.

You slowly count the length of your breath going in, being held, or going out that is right for you. The length of your in-breath and out-breath should be the same count; just as the length of the held breath at top and bottom should be the same number of counts. As you practice your breathing, you might find that your square is actually a rectangle. Each person may find they have a different count from another person; and that is fine as we are all unique individuals. Just make certain that you are not strained in your breathing in or out or with the breath holds at top or bottom; if you find you are strained, then change the length of your counts for different sides of your box of breathing.
Once you find the pattern of your square or rectangular box that works best for you, go through 4 to 5 complete rounds of the rhythmic breathing and notice how your body and mind respond.

2. A daily practice of meditation, yoga or a martial art has long been recognized for increasing focus including Tai Chi and Chi Gong.

3. Light a candle, focus on the the tip of the flame and be mindfully aware of what you see, sense or feel as you look into it and with a continuous stream of expression say out loud whatever it is that you see. As soon as you pause or repeat yourself you must to start over. Try to work up to a continuous expression of what you see for 2 minutes . Use a timer or do this exercise with a partner. This may seem like a silly exercise but it helps create intense focus and concentration .

4. Use a Sport Link or a similar focus trainer. Use the program for sports performance for 20 minutes a day or before you run. This is a great tool which has improved the game of many a pro and Olympic athlete in all fields.

5. Visualization of your goal. See yourself reaching your goal and feeling wonderful about it and with 2 fingers gently tap this vision into your 3rd eye ( between the eyebrows) a few times a day and before you compete. This only works if you are free from the killer issues that are blocking you – see next technique.

6. EFT tapping on your acupoints for lack of discipline, nervousness, anxiety, muscle tension, fear or failure or whatever your issue.
This tool is used to prepare yourself ahead of time and to use whether you are competing or just interested in adding more pleasure and satisfaction to your game. This will relieve the stressors and problems you have identified which are inhibiting you from maximum performance. See our book Shift:12 Keys to Shift Your Life for a more in depth explanation of the technique.
We have both had enormous success using EFT with patients. I often use it both for my own golf game and when I am coaching on the golf course. For more information on EFT, opt in to our website at www.12keystoshift.com and you can view our EFT demo video.

Marion Ross Ph.D and Tracy Latz M.D.


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On Valentine’s Day, Let’s all join in prayer, meditation, tapping or any form of healing you practice for Haiti and the rest of the Planet at 5pm est ! We are so powerful when we collectively set our intentions to heal.
Not only is it a Valentine’s Day in the West, it is also the Lunar New Year Day in the East, and the beginning of a new 500 year cycle “Pachacuti” in the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec tradition.

Wherever you are, on this special day, send your LOVE, BLESSINGS and POSITIVE GOOD THOUGHTS to everyone, You may visualize the persons and the Earth with LOVE and LIGHT.
Let’s Shift the planet together. This is the power of love & social networking!
Marion Ross Ph.D and Tracy Latz M.D.

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More than ever this a time for sharing and spreading our love and light globally. We have been meditating and sending positive thoughts individually and collectively with groups from the Global Coherence Initiative.
We personally donate to Partners In Health, an organization that has been on the ground in Haiti for 20 years.
This is a great organization with minimal up front administrative costs. If you are interested in donating to medical assistance in Haiti, click on the link:https://donate.pih.org/page/contribute/haiti_earthquake?source=earthquake&subsource=email121

Here is the latest update I have received from PIH

Wednesday morning, a strong aftershock earthquake rocked Port-au-Prince, temporarily shutting down operations at the general hospital in Port-au-Prince, as well as several other PIH sites outside the city. Since then additional smaller quakes continue to disrupt efforts on the ground.

Here’s a quick update on our work in Haiti despite these challenges.

PIH’s surgical teams continue to race against time to provide surgical care to earthquake victims in Port-au-Prince. Operating rooms at the central general hospital (HUEH) in Port-au-Prince are fully operational again after being temporarily evacuated on yesterday in response to the aftershock. PIH is still coordinating the relief efforts at HUEH and reports having 12 operating rooms opened 24 hours per day. Across the country, we have a total of 20 operating rooms up and running.

To date, PIH has sent 22 plane loads with 144 medical volunteers – orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgical nurses and other medical professionals – and several thousand pounds of medical supplies to support the more than 4,500 PIH health care providers already in Haiti.

Despite these accomplishments, our teams throughout the country continue to report a great need for additional medicines (antibiotics, anesthesia and narcotics), medical equipment (anesthesia machines and x-rays), medical supplies (IVs, tubing, irrigating saline), and water.

“There are very sick people and too little space and time,” reported PIH Women’s Health Coordinator Sarah Marsh from our hospital in St. Marc. She added that we will lose more patients to infection in the coming days if we don’t find additional medications, and explained that is only for lack of supplies – not patients – that the surgical team risks performing more operations. A volunteer orthopedist also working from St. Marc stressed that we will need full medical teams on site to manage dressings, skins grafts and other post operative care for another 6-8 weeks.

Our sites in the Central Plateau and the lower Artibonite are dealing with increasing numbers of patients and families seeking both medical treatment and refuge from devastated Port-au-Prince. Finding space and beds for post-operative care has become the next major challenge. In Cange, PIH’s 104-bed facility is overflowing: the church is serving as a triage center and the school as a recovery room. People are arriving in Cange at all hours of the day and night; many simply have nowhere to go.

“Our houses were crushed and our businesses destroyed. So we came to Cange,” said one man who arrived in a bus with 12 relatives, including his mother-in-law who was critically injured. In Belladaire, near the border with the Dominican Republic (DR), up to 1,000 people are camped out at PIH’s hospital in temporary shelter, searching for family members and medical treatment. We expect that people will continue to return to the countryside, having lost their family, livelihoods, and homes in the capital city, and meeting the needs of this displaced population will be a major task in PIH’s long-term rebuilding efforts.

Finally, recognizing that many of our own Haitian staff, who are working tirelessly to save the lives of others, have also lost their own families and friends, PIH is also developing a post-trauma mental health and social service program to serve both staff and patients.

The task ahead is a monumental one. And even as we heal wounds, mend broken bones, and provide basic necessities (food, water, shelter), its true magnitude grows before our eyes. But we know from 20-plus years of accompaniment the resiliency of the Haitian people. Through poverty, strife, hurricanes, disease and hunger, our Haitian friends and colleagues continue to amaze us. Their determination, spirit, and ability to overcome and survive is inspirational and humbling.

Partners In Health is determined to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to ensure that their struggle succeeds.

With your help, we know we will be able to do so.

Kenbe fem,

Ali Lutz
Haiti Program Coordinator

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Here is a great example of how the brain reinvents itself and how it can be  trained. We hope that it serves to reinforce the message that we are the creators in our lives, when we choose our path and focus our resources.

This can give you some insight as to why the EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation, and other mind body medicine techniques work to create new pathways of neural connections.

Our brain invents and reinvents itself throughout our lives.

Marion Ross PhD & Tracy Latz M.D.

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Dr. Arlene Taveroff Reviews ‘Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation’ for Wisdom a la Carte

September 24, 2009 by shiftyourlife

The following is a direct excerpt of the book review done by Dr. Arlene Taveroff from Wisdom a la Carte on September 23, 2009:

The Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation

Sep 23rd, 2009 | By Arlene | Category: Featured Articles

a new book by Dr. Tracy Latz & Dr. Marion Ross reviewed by Dr. Arlene Taveroff…

Have you ever felt stuck, like your feet were in cement and you wanted to move forward, but couldn’t?

Drs. Tracy Latz and Marion Ross are here to help. Between them, they have expertise in psychiatry, EFT, Reiki, Transpersonal psychology and more. In their new book entitled Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation, they examine the 10 most common obstacles in women’s lives: feeling unloved, guilt and shame, abandonment, anger and resentment, self-definition, lack of self-love, powerlessness, heartache, fear of the unknown and stress. For each, they start by creating an awareness of what the issue is about, and then give you the tools to get past them and get unstuck. Stories of real people overcoming each obstacle inspire and show how it really can be done.

The tools and techniques are easy to use and well explained. They include meditation, guided imagery, mindfulness exercises, EFT tapping techniques, chi gong, and more: a library of tools that appeal to the kinesthetic, the visual and the auditory. Something for all learning styles! I loved a lot of the mindfulness exercises: they were so positive! One had me becoming aware of my true qualities. Wow! I have the results of that one up on my bulletin board! The guided imagery meditations were my favorite, though. They transported me to the most beautiful places and helped me feel so absolutely wonderful!

And so that the book is not just about problems and obstacles, the authors end the book with two additional keys to remain centered and create your life positively and powerfully. I loved the chapter on consciously creating: it was so much what the whole book led up to for me! The explanation of creating was eye opening, and as for the exercises – I can’t wait to Release my Shadow Characters and get into the Garden of Creation, then create an Intention Poster!

There is something for everyone here, folks! The Shift can happen to you. Get those feet out of the cement. Get unstuck!

Click on the picture of the book above to take you directly to Amazon!

About the Authors:
Tracy Latz, M.D., M.S. is an Integrative Psychiatrist, and Medical Intuitive with over 18 years of clinical experience in shifting lives. Marion Ross, Ph.D. holds doctorates in Holistic Healing, Metaphysics, and Transpersonal Psychology with successful practices in Paris, France and New York City. Over the past 6 years, they have taught classes and seminars in personal transformation. More at http://www.12keystoshift.com

Thanks, Arlene for such a great review. Check out her blog at:http://wisdomalacarte.net/blog/

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Shift Your Life- Shift Your World!
Let’s Help Change the World. The Global Coherence Initiative has started this project to assist with healing the planet. What could be a better use of 2 minutes a day than focusing on love, appreciation and compassion for Mother Earth.


This Care Focus is to radiate pure coherent love to the planetary whole for only two minutes a day for three months. There will also be normal Care Focus assignments during this time. Two minutes a day of pure heart energy amounts to a lot of love from the collective membership and can be very effective through these times.

This is a mini project with a small energy investment but a large potential for effectiveness. Similar projects have been done by other groups in times past, yet their usefulness remains ever-current.

Two Minute Radiance Technique

Picture breathing through the center of your chest (heart), as this helps to warm up your heart center (feelings). Imagine that your heart is like a high radiance light bulb. See the intensity increase as you focus your breath on the intention to fill your heart with outgoing love and compassion.

For this Care Focus, just radiate the light of your coherent heart to mother earth and humanity as a whole for two minutes a day, without assigning a destination or being attached to an outcome. Ask spirit or universal source to use the love for the highest-best for the planetary whole.

When you finish the two minutes, if you have more time and want to radiate heart and care for any specific intention, please do so.

Remember, when you are sending out focused love, appreciation and compassion, this energy processes first through your own system and science has proven that you especially benefit from this experience. (Even though that’s not the motive for sending care, it’s still a healthy add-on.)

Since this is only a two minute technique, we’re asking you to do it each day for three months. The reason for three months is that for most people it’s easier to sustain a commitment for a shorter time than to commit two minutes every day of their life. However, for the ones that could, the planet would significantly benefit.

Go to:http://www.glcoherence.org/ and join this worthy project.

Loads of Love and Light to you all,
Marion Ross PhD., Tracy Latz M.D.

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BE the love & respect, tolerance, patience & understanding you wish to have from others. Create your life from a space of love and compassion. Start by being kind to yourself and everyone on your path and observe how it feels.
You just might want to make it a habit!

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